3 Things about Motherhood that Nobody Ever Told You

Every woman’s journey to motherhood is special and unique. While some aim to thoroughly prepare themselves for what’s to come, others prefer to ‘wing it’. However, no matter how many books you read about pregnancy, birth and motherhood in general, or how many different mums you speak to, there are some things that you can only discover for yourself. Here are three things about motherhood that nobody ever told you.

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan

During your pregnancy, you will probably form this blissful idea of what things are going to be like once your little one finally arrives. You can see yourself doing everything that you used to do with a gorgeous little cherub of a child coo-ing from his / her bassinette. You can picture yourself doing all – cooking delicious meals every evening, snuggling with your partner on the couch as you both stare at the beautiful life that you created, keeping everything clean, neat and tidy at all times.

Unfortunately, for the first couple of months at least, this is a far cry from what life will really be like as a new mum. The chances are high that you will find yourself exhausted, slumped on the couch, un-showered and surrounded by dirty dishes more often than you’d like – and that’s okay! Adjusting to motherhood isn’t easy for anyone, so allow yourself this time to relax, breathe and do what you have to do in order to find your ‘new normal’. Trust us, you’re doing an amazing job!

Sometimes there isn’t a solution

There will be many times when your little one will cry and you will have absolutely no idea what she wants. You will feed her, burp her, change her, cuddle her, sing to her – all to no avail. This is normal. Sometimes there won’t be a solution to a problem other than to remain calm and wait it out. Unless this is happening on a regular basis, there really isn’t anything to worry about. Sometimes, like most people out there, your little one just needs a good cry!

Sometimes you will worry about your relationship with your partner

Before your new bundle of joy arrived, you probably didn’t think it would be possible to love anyone or anything as deeply as you love your partner. Now that your little one is here, you know a lot better than that! However, as joyful a time as this is, you may find yourself wondering and worrying whether or not your relationship with your partner will ever be the same again.

This is normal and something that all couples will stress about to a certain extent after the birth of a child. However, you can rest assured that although things might be different from here on out, your bond is likely to grow stronger than ever before. Give each other the time and the space necessary in order to adjust to these changes and watch as it all eventually falls into place.

The bottom line is that the process of entering motherhood is as difficult as it is joyous, as challenging as it is rewarding, and as confusing as it is life-affirming. Whenever you find yourself panicking about anything, simply wrap yourself in a warm blanket conditioned with calming Comfort fabric softener, breathe deeply and try to put things into perspective. Your little one won’t be that little for long. Be patient with yourself, relax, slow down, and enjoy this special time in your life. You can do it!

Being a mother means that your heart is no longer yours; it wanders wherever your children do. ~Author Unknown