How to Organise the Perfect Baby Shower

When a loved one is expecting a beautiful bundle of joy, one's first instinct is to ensure that she will have everything that she needs when the wonderful day comes around and everyone gleefully welcomes the new little life into the world. One also feels an over-whelming desire to savour and celebrate the special time that is her pregnancy – hence the lovely tradition of throwing a surprise baby shower for the gorgeous mommy-to-be. Below are some tips for organising the perfect baby shower from start to finish.

Start Planning a Few Months Ahead

It is common practice to plan the baby shower for when the mommy-to-be is at least six months pregnant, so upon finding out that she is expecting, you have a good few months to make all of those special arrangements. Here is a checklist to keep in mind:

  • Start by setting the date. Seeing as though most people work during the week, it would be wise to choose a Saturday or a Sunday afternoon for the event.
  • Choose a venue. If you want to host the event at a restaurant or at a specialist venue, make sure that you make a booking well in advance in order to avoid disappointment. However, if the guest list is relatively short, hosting the shower in someone's pretty garden is always a good – and much cheaper – option.
  • Put a guest list together and send out an early ‘save the date’ notice to all whom you wish to invite. Make sure that you also invite all of those closest to the mommy and daddy-to-be, including all of those people whom you may not know personally, such as friendly work colleagues and old childhood friends.
  • Organise the cake, as well as all food and drink. Unless someone has offered to bake the cake themselves, it is important to order one a few weeks before the event is set to take place. In terms of food and drink, the traditional choice is tea and delicate finger-foods. However, if you want to get creative with this aspect of the shower, feel free!
  • Sort out the entertainment. There are a variety of different baby shower games to play, many of which are easy to plan for and organise. Alternatively, if you want to keep things really classy, why not consider hiring a string quartet to play for the guests, or something similar?
  • Buy a gift. There are so many baby products from which to choose, all of which are certain to please both of the parents-to-be – every little bit helps, after all. If you opt to buy a few cute items of clothing, or perhaps a comforting receiver blanket for the little one, don’t forget to wash each item using a washing powder for sensitive skin, along with your favourite Comfort fabric softener. The beautiful smell is sure to soothe the baby, as well as calm the nerves of both mommy and daddy.
  • Best of luck with the planning process – we have no doubt that you will be able to organise something special that your preggie loved one will never forget.