Preparing Your Toddlers for Autumn Allergies

The sneeze season is one that can leave your little ones feeling flustered and uncomfortable, and can cause unbearable coughing fits, tight chests and headaches. However, there are a number of ways in which to ensure that your kiddies are comfortable and allergy-free during the change of season.

Small yet significant changes can lead to less congestion and irritation, starting with your fabric softener. Due to the sensitivity of your little one's body and immune system, some allergies may trigger other sensitivities – a skin allergy that leads to irritation can be exacerbated by chemicals in the solution of your chosen washing powder or fabric conditioner. Ensure that you make use of a dermatologically-tested, sensitive fabric softener that is suited to your little one' skin. If you’re wondering about how to go about preparing your toddler for autumn allergies, take a look at the tips below:

Keep a clean home

While we know that moms do their best at keeping a clean home, there will always be a fair amount of dust and pollen that finds its way into your home. In an effort to ensure that you don’t spend your days trailing a vacuum cleaner behind you, ask your family to assist you in ensuring that the house is spick and span. Encourage your family members to leave their shoes at the door, to shake down any coats or jackets before entering the house and to keep the windows closed during the day.

Rake up those leaves

Did you know that loose, dried leaves can leave your little ones feeling congested and irritable? Although fun to crunch under their little feet, dry leaves carry a considerable amount of dust. To ensure that your little ones are comfortable during the winter season, regularly rake up the leaves that fall around your home.

Make use of a wet face towel

As moms rejoice at the idea of no longer having to carry around a nappy bag, it is necessary to carry around a damp face towel. As your little one finishes up his or her play time, be sure to wipe down his or her face. Not only will this ensure a squeaky clean mug but it will also remove all of the irritating dust and pollen that can cause unsettling reactions.

Invest in a humidifier

Not only does a humidifier make it easier to avoid chest tightness and congestion but it also ensures a healthy environment in which your little one can sleep. Place a humidifier in your little one's room, at the foot of his or her bed and close the door. At bed time, tuck your kiddies into bed and leave the door ajar. The humid air will ease any irritations and assist in keeping their skin from drying during the dryer months.

Inhale Eucalyptus oil

As your little one prepares for bath time, fill half of the bathroom sink with hot water. Add a few drops of Eucalyptus oil and let the steam from the bath and the basin fill the room. When your little one is ready to hop into the bath, slightly open the door to let the excessive heat escape. As your little one wades in the water, allow him or her sufficient time to breathe in the scent of the oil. Not only will it assist in clearing up any congestion but it will also leave your little one feeling calm.

In an effort to ensure that your little ones are not bogged down by the change in season, follow these simple tips and treat them to a warm bath and loving bed time story – not only will this make them feel better but it will also ensure that they fall asleep feeling calm and loved.