Comfort-ing Things to Do with Your Kids this Winter

Sometimes, all that you really need to get through the bitterly cold weather is a bit of love, care and family time. Washing your loved ones’ clothing in Comfort fabric softener is a great start and will make snuggling up in a warm and cosy bed all the more enjoyable. Along with this, here are some other wonderful activities to enjoy with your kids as the weather turns frosty.

Indoor Camping

Nothing says ‘winter time’ quite like cuddling up with your little ones and keeping each other warm, which is why indoor camping is such a fantastic idea. Build a snug fort in your living room with plenty of blankets and pillows and watch a movie together with a cup of tepid tea or hot chocolate. Make sure that there is a comforting fire burning in the fireplace before turning off the lights and entering dreamland together and, when the sun comes up in the morning, you can do it all over again with breakfast in bed!

Bake Some Yummy Winter Treats

Baking with your children during winter is always a blast. Why not give some of those old winter favourites a try – such as pumpkin pie, apple crumble, oatmeal cookies or sticky toffee pudding? When the decadent treats are ready, enjoy them together with a steaming cup of tea whilst reading one of their beloved story books.

Go On a Nature Walk

During the colder months, there is plenty to see and to explore outdoors and, while you might prefer to stay bundled up in front of the TV, it is definitely a good idea to get some exercise with your kids from time to time. Ensure that everyone is dressed warmly enough before going out on an adventurous nature walk.

Encourage your kids to collect interesting-looking leaves and twigs; and to look out for birds who have chosen to stick around and brave the weather. You could even start a winter time scrapbook together and document the findings of your weekly nature walks. This will give the little ones something to do when the weather is too cold for outdoor fun and will also help them to practice embracing their inner creativity.

Make a Pine Cone Bird-Feeder

As already mentioned, there will be a few birds around during the colder months that have refrained from migrating to warmer climates. Why not make life a bit easier for them by ensuring that they have a reliable source of food available to them? You can do this by building a bird-feeder with your kids.

The easiest way in which to do this is to use a pine cone, peanut butter and some seeds. Simply slather the pine cone in a generous amount of peanut butter and then sprinkle the seeds over it so that they stick. Tie the bird-feeder to a nearby tree in your garden and watch as they eagerly gather for a meal.

Although nobody really enjoys the cold weather, winter is a great time for comfort-ing family bonding. So make the most of it and soak up all of this amazing time spent with your kids. They really do grow up so fast, after all.