Home Remedies for Babies and Toddlers

For first-time parents, dealing with a sick child can be overwhelming – especially when over-the-counter and prescription medication just won’t bring relief to your little one. Mommies and Daddies who are, perhaps, on their second or third child will understand that sometimes you simply need to make use of your granny’s home remedy to treat your baby’s ailment. Whether it’s homemade Calendula oil for skin irritations or the use of Clove oil to assist with teething pain, home remedies can be a wonderful alternative for parents who are looking for a more natural approach.

While there is always merit in taking regular trips to the doctor, especially in the case of severe illness or distress, home remedies can work wonders too! From colic and gastric irritation to rashes and teething, new parents are faced with a myriad of health obstacles that are sure to cause sleepless nights and, more often than not, unnecessary bouts of anxiety. To ensure that you enjoy a good night’s rest and some peace of mind, here are a handful of home remedies for babies and toddlers:

Rashes and Skin Irritations

Nappy rash is the type of skin irritation that feels as uncomfortable as it looks and while there are numerous creams and salves already on the market, it is always important to remember that your baby’s skin is incredibly sensitive. Have you ever thought about whipping up a pot of homemade Calendula Oil? Ideal for all sorts of skin irritations, bumps and even bruises, this natural home remedy is sure to bring your little one relief after only a few applications. You can also try coconut oil, a dabbing of breast milk or natural sugar-free full-cream yoghurt.


A combination of pressure and pain can leave your little one in a foul mood, especially when they’re unsure of how to express themselves. Did you know that clove oil can numb the gums and relieve the pain of teething? Other essential oils, like lavender oil can be used to soothe your little one.

Simply run a warm bath, add two or three drops of lavender oil into the running water and bathe your child until he or she feels relaxed. Alternatively, wet a clean face cloth and pop it into the freezer. Once it is slightly frozen and frosty, hand it to your child to chew on – the texture and temperature will offer immediate relief.

Colic and Gastric Irritations

In order to treat colic, it is important to first understand it. Colic can be defined as the ‘unexplained and sporadic crying of a healthy, well-fed child’ – this can be found in up to 25% of babies between the ages of two and three weeks to four and six months. Not only does colic cause tears and discomfort, gastric irritations are also the culprit. Before administering your little one any over-the-counter medication, try a handful of simple home remedies. These include:

A warm bath with lavender essential oil. The warmth will ease up the bowels and will also release any gastric tension, while the essential oil will bring calm to your distressed baby.

A warm compress over the tummy. Not only will this alleviate any gastric irritation, it will also offer comfort to a colicky baby.

Olive oil massage. Warm up some olive oil in your hands and gently massage your baby’s tummy, pelvis, chest, hands and feet. This will offer comfort while also ensuring proper digestion and the prevention of painful gas.

Alternatively, a warm cuddle always offers comfort. Simply wash your baby’s linen and clothing with a baby-safe fabric softener, wrap them up and hold them close. A fabric conditioner that contains essential oils will help in keeping your little one calm and comfy as they drift off to sleep.

Please note that these home remedies are not intended to override the advice of a doctor. If you are concerned about your child’s health, it is best to take them to their doctor for a medical examination.