Creating a Memory Box for your Child

Creating a Memory Box for your Child

Kids grow up so fast. All too often we hear parents lament, ‘oh, how time flies!’ One moment we’re holding their chubby little hands, coaxing them to take their first steps, and the next moment they’re refusing to hold our hands and asking us to drop them off down the street instead of in front of the school gate. It’s easy to wistfully wish we could take those beautiful childhood moments and capture them forever, but the best we can do is pore over photo albums of our once-cherubic children who are now fully-fledged adults of their own.

Fortunately, photos aren’t the only way in which we can capture those precious childhood moments. Throughout the years there are many keepsakes and knick knacks that surface, all pieces of a puzzle creating a story of your child’s life. There are few things more meaningful than presenting your child with a personalised memory box on their 21st birthday, filled with little reminders for them to go through with you that portray the highs, the lows, memories and special moments that all tell a beautiful story of their life.

Choose a pretty gift box, or personalise a wooden box with your child’s name and date of birth, and get started capturing those memories:

  • From the day of birth: The hospital card, their wrist nametag, a newspaper clipping so they can see what was news of interest on their day of birth, a CD single of the song that was number one in the music charts during their birth month or year.
  • A photo album with pictures of each stage of your pregnancy. Include ultrasound scan photos. You can also make notes of cravings experienced during your pregnancy, and the date you felt that first kick.
  • A notebook detailing milestones, such as their first steps, first tooth, first outing, favourite bath time games. You can also visually highlight certain milestones with photos for an extra special touch.
  • A lock of hair from their first haircut, preserved in an envelope with the date of the haircut marked on it.
  • A Babygro scented with your favourite baby fabric softener.
  • A till slip with the basics such as eggs, bread and milk on it, so they can see how much ‘the price of eggs’ was when they were born.
  • Keep any birthday cards or letters from loved ones that were given to your child.
  • Their first paintings or drawings done at playschool. Be warned, these can add up! So it’s best to have a separate container to store their childhood drawings, and select a few extra-special ones for the keepsake box – such as a Mother’s Day painting or a handmade birthday card.
  • Any special certificates they were awarded at school, and report cards.
  • Their favourite plush toy.
  • A copy of their favourite childhood book that they can read to their own kids one day.
  • A copy of their hand and foot prints made with paint.
  • Anything that you come across in your child’s life that makes you think ‘wow, I should keep that!’ should be kept. For example, a ticket stub from the first theatre production they attended, or even to a school play they starred in.

    Aside from this special keepsake box, be disciplined and keep up-to-date photo albums through the years. Because most of our photos nowadays are taken and stored digitally, it is easy to forgo printing out physical copies. Try making an effort to print photos yearly, and insert them into a photo album or scrapbook in chronological order. If you’re scrapbooking the photos, make notes of interest next to some with quotes from your little one and info about interesting things that happened on the day when a photo was taken. 

    Most of all, remember to enjoy this process, as making a memory box for your little one is an ongoing project that will be tended to with love and nostalgia throughout the years.

    Happy scrapbooking / memory box making!