How to Wean Your Child off of a Pacifier

Truth be told, taking away your little one’s pacifier can be unnerving, especially for first time parents. Often, that little piece of unassuming plastic can be your child’s primary source of calm and comfort, and your saving grace at absurd hours of colicky mornings.

Encouraging the sucking reflex, while a normal part of childhood development, can be detrimental as your little one grows up. There comes a point in your little one’s life when a pacifier can do more harm than good. Many parents opt to wait until their paediatric dentist gives them the signal as to when to start weaning their children off of the pacifiers, but there are also those who choose to do it sooner rather than later.  Whichever your preference, here are some tips for mommies who want to nip the habit in the bud:

Snip It

By the time that our little ones are ready to toss the dummy, you will find that the sucking reflex offers comfort and security, quite like being up close to mom’s bosom. However, once that ability to suck on the dummy is removed, their interest will wane. The best way in which to avoid the emotional stress and tears is to snip the tip of the dummy.

Simply take a clean pair of sharp scissors and neatly remove its appeal factor, day by day until there is nothing left. You’re sure to experience a few moments of withdrawal tears but nothing that will last for too long. However, if your angel starts to suck his or her thumb, simply give them a new pacifier and wait for another time to begin the weaning process.

Swap it

As mommies, we dote on our children with heartfelt enthusiasm. We’re all familiar with the feeling of trying to find enough space to store their toys, clothes, little shoes and blankets. Dummies offer a sense of comfort to your child, which means that when you remove it, you need to swap it out for something else that gives your little one a sense of security.

Begin slowly by replacing the dummy with a soft blanket that can be used at night. Your little one might cry for a few minutes, but after he or she realises that the blanky is there to offer comfort, they will settle down. Before you replace the dummy, why not give the blanket a loving wash with a baby safe fabric softener that leaves a delicate and comforting fragrance? A fabric conditioner that is dermatologically tested will ensure that your little one feels safe and comforted.

Ask for Help from the Pacifier Fairy

If your little girl has already fallen in love with fairies, it might give you the opportunity to introduce the Dummy / Pacifier Fairy. Talk to your little one about giving her dummy to the fairy for other small children who do not have one. There may be a slight reluctance at first, but rest assured that she will quickly warm up to the idea.

Raising a little human can be tough, especially when something like the weaning off of a pacifier is an emotional journey. Be sure to time this transition correctly, and you’re certain to get through this process with very little anxiety.