Comfort Parenting: A Labour of Love

Oh - I remember the days where waking up was a dreaded, but necessary thing. The sun blazing through my window, my alarm blaring out old school tunes… Those days where I would just hit snooze and finally get up from my precious beauty slumber feeling like I'd had an extra hour.

Back in those days, I worried about things like getting ready for work, flipping some obscure looking pancakes while attempting to juggle three eggs, which seemed really challenging I might add... Keeping up with my own lifestyle and appetite was all consuming – that was until I got a warm slap of humility and a new appreciation for all that my parents ever did for me. The tables have turned.

Nowadays, in the mornings it's a tug on my hair, an apparently very necessary finger in my eyes, a nose and mouth inspection, and a game of 'This little piggy went to market' played on my not-so-well-groomed toes. Even before the crack of dawn I hear my twin toddlers jesting, 'Get up, mommy!’ all while still in my sleepy dream state. I want that snooze button more than ever now. 'Mommy, Mommy, Mooommy!' The realness of it strikes me as my eyes shoot wide open.

I am needed. And now, juggling the everyday Mommy duty has become a very real and permanent responsibility that I’ve acquired in just nine short months, which during its span, felt like a lifetime. My days go by in the blink of an eye. The bank is finally broken with the amounts of food that my little people consume but at least I have turned myself into quite the Master Chef! I now completely understand why people say, 'There's no food like Mom’s food'.

How trying can this parenthood thing possibly be? It’s a lot like walking through the bush barefoot hoping to not step on a thorn while expecting a friendly greeting from some wild predator. It requires great strength, endurance, perseverance and courage. Each phase is an enormous adjustment and learning curve that no one can prepare you for.

I put myself through various hands-on courses after hours to make sure everyone's on track while still working my day job and still trying to get the whole ‘juggling three eggs’ story right, but for fun this time. The things that seemed out of my reach before are now easily achievable and suddenly everything that didn't matter is my greatest worry and also what gives me sleepless nights sometimes, while I remain hopeful that I can press that snooze button again one day…

The beautiful scribbles on the wall that need to be scrubbed down, the lime-green chalkboard paint splashed all over the carpet that needs immediate attention and most especially my accompanied visits to the 'once private' golden throne which has now become an ‘Under-the-Sea’ toy cave. It all really makes me wonder what on earth I did with all that time I apparently thought I didn't have before.

No one said that it would be easy, but what gets me through each day, not surprisingly, is when I see all my efforts, hard work and selflessness reflected in the individuals I devote my every waking hour to. The lack of sleep is quickly overcome by 'I love you, Mommy' and the midnight 'me time' nibbles are overcome by 'Wow, I cooked them a really good meal tonight', accompanied by their thanks which I may have been too exhausted to have appreciated at the time.

The overall rewards present themselves when they end each day with a little prayer of thanks – ones that I’m mentioned in - and a full day in which they've learnt so much. I've been reminded often to rediscover and explore the finer, simpler things in life. They mean no harm! Once they're fast asleep I can truly appreciate that fully after finding an hour to unwind.

They need ME! I am wanted, needed, appreciated and loved every single day for the rest of my life. That is what makes it all worth it after every never ending day! It's a labour of love.

Do you perhaps lavish your love on their washing by using the best fabric softener that makes them feel hugged by Mommy? Or do you set aside time on the weekends to play and do some arts and crafts? Spending time with our little ones is the most rewarding gift no matter how tiring it can be.