How to Spread Love through Your Home

Whether it’s a note that is packed into a lunch box or the loving smell of a jersey that has been freshly washed in a fragrant fabric conditioner, the gift of love is one of the most valuable gifts that a parent could ever give their little one. Spread it through your home, carry it with you and envelop your children with it.

Children respond to love – they thrive in its presence and excel when they are surrounded by it. As busy as our lives can get, it is important to spread a sense of love throughout our homes. This gesture need not be complex or over the top – a simple note on the fridge, specially baked goodies or a specific scent can evoke a sense of love and appreciation within your home.

Instead of opting for a quick material fix when it comes to showing your little ones how much you love them, pop a cake in the oven and sit down for a cup of after-school tea or write a loving note on their bathroom mirror. If you’re feeling a little lost on how to add more love to your home, here are a few ideas:

Leave Love Notes Wherever You Can

Grab an old lipstick and scribble a note on your loved one’s bathroom mirrors. It will be the first thing that they see when they look into the mirror and it is sure to evoke a smile. Not only is it playful, it will also remind them just how much they are loved. Opt to leave coloured sticky notes inside cupboards, inside textbooks and inside diaries. You can also write little love letters to your little ones; stick them under their pillow and read them together before they go to sleep.

Treat Your Family to a Home Cooked Treat

A home cooked or baked treat is one of the best ways in which to show your family members how much you love them. If you have time on your hands, think about whipping up a home cooked meal for dinner or pop a cake in the oven for afternoon tea. Send your loved ones off to school and make them a chocolate brownie or homemade muffin. Not only will they feel the love, they’ll taste it too!

Decorate Your Home with Photos and Trinkets

Spread love through your home by decorating it with photographs of happy times. If you have collected trinkets from your travels, place them strategically where your family members can see and appreciate them. These items will bring back happy and colourful memories. Let the photographs and trinkets show off the love, adventure and fun times that you have shared with your family.

Use a Fabric Softener That Reminds Your Family of You

One of the best feelings is when a child takes a whiff of their freshly washed school uniform or linen and they associate the smell with their mom. From work shirts to school socks, use a delicately scented fabric conditioner to remind your loved ones just how much you love them. This will not only comfort them, but also ensure that they feel loved throughout the day.

Spreading love throughout your home need not be expensive, eccentric or lavish. All it takes is some creativity and a warm, personal touch.