Comfort Parenting: Another Off Day

A day off - I'm sure the intention of such a wondrous idea would be to kick back and relax, right?

Well a day off, to me, means a day off from something else.

That sneaky little critter who always manages to creep into my schedule and claw more onto my 'day off' 'to do' list, has done it over and over again. If I'm not working, I'm having an absolute ball, and sometimes uproar with my two beautiful children.

If I'm not doing that, we've run out of milk or someone has had an allergic reaction to something they've eaten a million times, but the body has just decided, “Nope, not for me anymore”. It's the most peculiar thing that everything appears to happen on the same day - that so called, 'Off Day.’

It is a bit of an off day, if you think about it. When you're standing in a queue or filling out forms, you discover your car license has expired and you've got to fit that one in somewhere on the next, 'Off Day' - and so it goes. Not entirely a harmonious, peaceful or rather, sit on your tush and do nothing, kind of day. It's a day to catch up on the rest, not the relaxation kind, and to get with the program while trying to keep up.

These occurrences are inevitable and I don't have much choice but to keep my diary open, every day, 24/7 for eternity. Because, that is what being a responsible, working-class mom is all about.

Staying organised, keeping up-to-date and accepting that I'll never be on time. I'll either be surprisingly early on a good day, or will have to reschedule and reorganise that priority list that I have going, from time to time.

Nonetheless, I love my jobs - all of them. There is no other place I'd rather be, than on top of things. Mama has got this! They should call it, 'Catch up' day instead.

What do you do on your off days? Do you catch up on laundry with moms-helper Comfort Fabric Softener? Sew on missing buttons or wash the windows? Let us know by commenting below!