Simple and Cute Ways to Express your Love

Our kids know that we love them, but as most of us moms do, we worry that they aren’t feeling enveloped in our love at every moment of the day - especially if we aren’t able to spend as much time with them as we’d like. Don’t let work commitments, errands and tasks such as cooking and cleaning get in the way of making your little one feel special. Follow these easy, cute tips for expressing your love:

  1. Read to them
    Children love story time! Not only will your storytelling whisk them away to a world that fuels their imagination, but they love it for another reason. During story time, they are given your undivided attention and get to spend some quality time with you.

  2. Photographic love
    Surprise them with a framed photo of the two of you and hang it in their bedroom.

  3. Lunchbox love
    Leave a sweet note in your child’s lunchbox. You can tell them that you love them, how special they are, and that you hope they have a good day or even make them a little voucher for a free ice-cream or a game.

  4. Send a love letter
    Because of so many modern advancements, it’s not often that we receive things by post. Surprise your child spectacularly by mailing them a letter. When you are bringing the post inside you can say ‘wow! There’s something for you today!’ They will be delighted - even more so when they find out whom it is from.

  5. Build a fort
    Once again, this is a great way in which to make them happy by giving your undivided attention. Boys and girls alike love building forts! Grab blankets, chairs and pillows galore and build one together. Inside, shine a torch and tell each other stories or play with some toys. Make sure to wash the blankets and pillow cases in beautifully scented fabric conditioner to create a cocoon of soft and comforting love.

  6. Music moments
    Make your little one a CD with all their favourite music on it. Surprise them by playing it in the car, or play it at home and have a fun dance party.

  7. Slumber party
    Cover the lounge floor with blankets and pillows washed in fabric softener and have a movie marathon.

  8. Chore time
    Get your child involved in your cooking and cleaning. Have them help you with tasks around the house such as sweeping, or passing you pegs as you hang up the washing. Children also love to cook, so have them help with tasks such as washing vegetables, mixing and pouring.

Above all else, make an effort to be more engaged with your child on a daily basis. Ask them how their day was and actively listen to their answers. Make eye contact with them when they talk, praise them for little successes and, every now and then, just sit with them and chat. These are all simple, free things that you can do to make your child feel loved and special every day, even when you are busy and have to do other tasks.

Take the time to make a little bit of extra effort to show your child how much you love them and watch them flourish and grow up with the sense of security and belonging that it brings them.