Alternative Remedies for Nappy Rash

We’re sure that you’ve noticed (and fretted over) the red nappy rash that makes an appearance every so often – damp nappies, sensitive skin and mild chafing can lead to a painful rash that is enough to send your little bundle of joy into fits of tears. Often, store-bought remedies can either exacerbate the problem or take a few days to relieve the symptoms. Thankfully, with the interests of mommies all over the world at heart, Mother Nature offers up a number of natural remedies.

Nappy rash (or a baby in pain) triggers our natural response to treat and medicate the issue as quickly as possible, while the next logical step is to comfort our little one. In an effort to stop the flow of tears, why not remove the nappy, clean up and let your kiddie’s soft skin breathe (yes, we understand that this poses a threat to anyone within firing distance).

Not only will fresh air help to dry up any damp residue, but it will also give your little one’s skin a chance to heal.

Alternatively, you could always make use of reusable cloth nappies that have been softened in a delicate fabric softener. The fabric conditioner will ensure that the cloths are soft enough so as to not cause discomfort. If you find that the rash dissipates, make use of the reusable nappies for a few days. Otherwise, you can get your hands on a few natural remedies for nappy rash. Here they are:

  1. Calendula Cream
    Gentle on the most sensitive of skins, Calendula cream is ideal for nappy rashes that have started to dry and flake. Soothing, nourishing and antifungal, Calendula is a natural remedy that will bring relief in an instant and does not leave an oily or sticky residue behind.

  2. Coconut Oil
    Did you know that coconut oil has antifungal properties? Not only will this ensure that chapped and open rashes do not get infected, but it will also instantly nourish the skin. Pat your little one’s skin dry and apply a generous dollop of cool coconut oil.

  3. Shea Butter
    Naturally derived from the African Shea Tree, this fat-like cream is soothing and will nourish your baby’s skin without creating a barrier. This means that, although the salve is thick and oily, it will still allow the skin to breathe.

How to Make Your Own Rash Cream

Sterilise a plastic or glass container and set it aside. Mix together 62 ml of coconut oil, 62 ml of Shea butter, 30 ml of beeswax and a few drops of an essential oil of your choice. Pop the mixture into a bowl and mix thoroughly with a beater. Once the mixture has softened and has thoroughly combined, add it into your jar or container. Store in a cool, dark place and use to prevent nappy rash.

If your little one is struggling with a nasty rash, apply some of your homemade salve and give him or her some time to heal. A loving touch, kind words and a warm bath are sure to curb the tears, even if it is just for a special moment with mom.