The Upcoming Festive Season: Helpful Tips for Parents

The festive season is a time for family bonding, love and laughter – however, while most parents will do their utmost in order to pretend that it’s not the case, this time of year also comes with a lot of worry and stress.

Buying presents, keeping up with all of the charming traditions, preparing a delicious meal for your loved ones… it all requires plenty of effort and planning. Luckily, Comfort is here to help make the stressful side of the festive season easier to cope with, so that you can spend more time enjoying the moments that make it so very special.

  • In order to avoid having to stand in those mammoth queues at the mall, why not shop online for all of your gifts this year? Just be sure to place your order ahead of time so as to ensure that all of the gifts are delivered as planned.

  • If online shopping isn’t for you, you can still use the internet to your advantage. Before hitting the shops, it would be wise to compare prices online –prices for kids’ toys may differ rather substantially from store to store.

  • Make your little one’s gifts extra special by attaching a warm, loving note from “Father Christmas” or - if you do not a celebrate Christmas as a holiday - a sweet little note from mum and dad.

  • When it comes to the all-important family meal, why not cook something that can be made ahead of time? This means that you will have more time to enjoy the day and the company of your loved ones without having to worry about chaos unfolding in the kitchen.

  • If your little one is old enough, encourage him or her to assist you with the simple aspects of the cooking process, such as washing the tomatoes or sprinkling herbs onto the turkey. Not only will this be a wonderful bonding activity, but it will help to save time, too! If, however, your children are still very young, allow them to play with their new toys in the kitchen where you can keep an eye on them and still do what you need to do before the rest of the family arrives.

Once the feast has been savoured, the presents opened and everyone has headed home, be sure to take some extra time to enjoy the last few hours of the day with your partner and your little ones. Wrap yourselves up in a large blanket (that envelops you all in the glorious, lingering scent of Comfort fabric softener) and talk about how special the day was, re-living the best moments and enjoying the loving warmth and closeness. After all, love, family and celebration is what the festive season is all about…