Paint Some Colour into your Crockery

Brighten up your dishes and transform your kitchen with just a little inspiration and paint!

Do this fun activity as a comfort-ing family bonding time with the kids or as an ‘escape from the world’ session. Painting old crockery will make them look as good as new.

Here are 3 things you will need for your kitchen make-over:

- A white porcelain bowl

- A Black China bristle paintbrush

- Water-based enamel paint (in whichever colours you choose)

Prepared your Plain-Jane bowls with a good old wash and dry! Then get some water-based enamel paint and Black China bristle paintbrushes, before decorating your simple white bowls into works of art.

Of course you can doodle any design you like, you can even use stencils to achieve various colourful effects. During our painting process, we made use of a 3-step method to allow a smooth paint finish as opposed to awkwardly visible brush strokes.

The Three-Step Tipping Off Technique

Step 1

Load the paintbrush and apply the enamel paint with a slow, steady movement.

Step 2

Holding the paintbrush with just the bristle tips touching the bowl; run the tips back along the original stroke.

Step 3

Line the brush back up with the first stroke and, still using only the bristle tips, repaint the original stroke once again.

Once we had beautified the bowls to our pleasing, we baked them in the oven for 30 minutes at 170°C, and TA-DA, our pieces of art were ready to go!

Helpful hints:

- Shake the enamel paint container well before use.

- Apply sufficient pressure to ensure that 1cm of your brush bristles touch the surface of the bowl.

If you don’t like the design that you have created, you can easily remove it by washing the paint off with soap and water (before baking it). Oil-based enamel can only be removed using mineral spirits.

Happy painting!