How to spend less them-time and more you-time

As much as our loving family always requires our attention, we should always make an effort to spend some time alone. 

If you’re looking to spend some valuable you-time, try these comfort-ing ideas:

Plan a date with friends

One thing that takes a backseat when we have kids is spending time with our friends. So, let your significant other or your babysitter know that they’ll be on duty for a few hours while you spend time catching up with the girls. Whether you do this by going out for a quiet lunch, watching a movie or attending a fun concert, this date should be all about you enjoying yourself.

Have a spa day

There’s nothing as soothing as a sensual massage to relax those tense muscles. You’ll feel rejuvenated and ready for a new day. Book in at a nearby spa and take advantage of any discounts or specials they have to offer. Alternatively, consider getting a new haircut or colour your hair at a salon- or even a mani and pedi, or wax those brows. Just pamper yourself!

Indulge in your favourite snack

Go for a drive (alone) and grab a delicious treat from your favourite restaurant. Sometimes, the best food to eat when we’re feeling overwhelmed is comfort food. Whether a yummy slice of chocolate cake is your weakness or you prefer a greasy burger it would be a treat to eat something other than a meal you’ve had to cook yourself, for a change. And the best thing is… nobody will be around to ask you to share!


Do nothing

Yes, this is absolutely okay. Being a mom is a 24-hour job, so sometimes all we want to do is nothing at all! You could schedule a time slot every day in which to just do nothing. When you put the kids to sleep or when they’re playing with their toys and you have a few minutes to spare, why not just sit back, cover yourself in a sweet smelling blanket fragranced with fabric conditioner close your eyes and relax. You’ll soon see the dividends of a power nap.

Now that it’s back to the reality of 2018 and being a loving mom to your beautiful children, make sure you give them a big fat hug before wrapping them up in a comfort-ing, super soft blanket also, and make sure it is fragranced with the soothing smell of your favourite fabric softener. They’ll love you for it!