Swing lightly into that good mood – every day!

Few of us are aware how our noses – or more precisely - our olfactory senses affect our emotions. We all experience different emotions when we smell certain aromas. You probably have a few strong associations that haven’t left you, even from as long ago as your childhood.

With which smells do you associate with loved ones or festive days? The smell of milk tart and ginger biscuits take me right back into my granny’s house. And the smell of grease and diesel call back those happy times when I was restoring a 50cc motorbike in the garage under dad’s watchful eye. This is because our sense of smell is located in the limbic system, the most ‘primitive’ part of the brain. In fact, by the time we have recognised and identified a smell it could already have triggered a deeply buried emotion which we unwittingly have associated with the smell. You probably can even recall your first boyfriend’s face if you smell that brand of aftershave in the lift at work - or the smile of the girl you fell so head over heels in love with when encountering the smell of her perfume walking behind a lady in the supermarket. In fact, this is probably where the saying ‘being led by the nose’ came from!

Scientists have also found that, when pleasant smells are present, people exhibit better and more creative problem solving skills. Inversely, when unpleasant smells are present people become more easily frustrated and are less tolerant toward others. 

One of the easiest ways to wrap you and your family in a gorgeous fragrant day-long cloud is to use a small capful of fabric softener with encapsulated fragrance technology when doing your laundry. Not only will everyone benefit from the comfort and pleasant sensations of soft fabrics on their skins, you will enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that you sent your family off in a cloud of mood enhancement.

So when next you arrive at work, or even at an after-hours party, don’t be one little bit surprised if you enjoy a whole lot more attention from those around you. Breathe in deeply and enjoy every minute of the fresh, uplifting air that surrounds you – and watch as others follow suit!