Plan a date night with your husband

The key to a healthy and long relationship is to keep reminding yourselves why you fell in love in the first place. And one way to do that is by having regular date nights.

We get it. Being a parent means our focus is always on our precious kids. If we aren’t making our home more child-friendly, we’re planning a meal for the family. But in the hustle and bustle, we often forget to take time out and have fun. 

Spending alone time, far away from the kids and the day-to-day stresses of life and work improves communication and allows you the chance for romance.  And the great thing is that date nights can take on whatever form you want it to. You can stay at home and have a picnic in your garden or you can go out for a lavish dinner the choice is yours. 

Here are a few things to bear in mind when planning your special night: 

Arrange a sitter

It’s hard to have fun if you’re worrying about whether the kids are safe, have eaten dinner and are keeping to their bedtime. Ask a family member or baby sitter you trust to look after the little ones if you’re going out. And remember to ask them to only call you in case of an emergency and not when they can’t find the remote. But please remember to thank them with a lovely gift such as a basket of household goods or voucher for something they may need.

Look your best 

Your partner may constantly see you in comfy sweatpants and flip flops. So, switch things round a bit by wearing those killer heels and bold lipstick. Make sure it’s something quite different. 

Go somewhere new

If you have a family, chances are you hang out only at family restaurants. Why not go somewhere different? Go online and see which restaurants or movie houses have great deals or other activities for couples. Quiz night, anyone?

Make the most of it at home

If the holidays and school fees have taken their toll on your wallet, send the kids packing and transform your bedroom into a spa. You could list 3 treatments you both would like to experience. For instance, a 10 minute back massage on a blanket fragranced with fabric conditioner, a 5 minute gentle head massage, or a relaxing foot massage.


So no excuses now  - go on and have fun!