From woman to woman: How to leave your mark

If you believe in the popular phrase: “First impressions last”, then you know just how important it is to make a positive impact. Whether you’re going on a date, for a job interview or even meeting your partner’s close friends and family for the first time, the key is to make sure you leave your mark.

“So, how do I do it?” you may think? Here’s what we suggest:

Smell good

Some say the key to looking confident is in the way you walk. We, however, think it’s in the way you smell. Before you even think of your favourite perfume and sweet-smelling body wash, there’s something much more important that you should consider…fabric conditioner. If your clothes smell good, you’ll feel much more upbeat and positive throughout the day. No need to stress about those last-minute meetings and whether you smell fresh enough to sit next to a colleague.  You’ve got this!

Laughter is often the best medicine

Not taking things too seriously and laughing more often can be a big drawcard. Weight Loss Resources claims that an added benefit is that only 15 minutes of laughter a day can help you burn between 10 and 40 calories. Now, get on with cracking those jokes! 

Dress for success

Look good at all times. Yes, even if you’re just stepping out to grab a few groceries for tonight’s dinner or to have a quick brunch with the girls, make sure those sweatpants look groovy. You never know whom you might bump into. So, make sure you use a fabric conditioner to leave all your clothes smelling fresh wherever you go. 

Don’t forget to smile

You’re never fully dressed without a smile. It’s the most beautiful thing you can wear when you’re out. When you’re talking to someone, smile politely to make them feel like you care about what they say. Just don’t overdo it!

Be yourself

In the words of the famous Irish Poet, Oscar Wilde: Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” The best way to leave your mark is by being yourself. You’ll attract a person (or a crowd) who wants to get to know you based on your personality and probably the fragrance that lingers around you. Your choice of fabric softener products can ensure that you are enshrined in a cloud of bliss!


The clothes you choose can have a charm of their own! The easiest way to ensure this is by using the best fabric conditioner to leave them feeling silky soft and smelling great all day!