Genius hacks to remove bad odour

“Oh, what’s that smell? Is it that person who just walked in?”

Bad body odour can affect anyone. And it can affect your precious clothing. So, if you’re looking for a way to get pungent smells out of your clothes, especially near the underarm areas, read further…

Check the care label

You wouldn’t want to ruin that ‘shirt that broke the bank’ by ignoring an important instruction - like whether it should be dry cleaned or what the water temperature should be. You might end up having to give it to your little sister!

Give it a l-o-n-g soak

Here comes the inexpensive part…White vinegar and water! Yes, vinegar on its own may smell a bit yucky, but it helps to neutralise and remove bad body odour. Add 1 cup of white vinegar to about 1 litre clean water and let your clothes soak in the solution for 2-3 hours. Then add to the wash with the recommended amount of washing powder and fabric softener. Fresh and fabulous.

For a quick fix – baking soda

You’re on your way out and you need to wear that sexy top, in, like…less than 2 hours. Make a paste with 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda and equal parts of water. Spread the paste on the smelly areas of clothes and leave for 20-30 minutes. Pop into the washing machine or wash by hand. Allow to air dry. If you’re really pressed for time, your hairdryer gallops to the rescue.

Extra tip: Crushing an aspirin and rubbing it on those stinky areas also helps to banish smells.

Use a laundry detergent

They come in so many sweet-smelling fragrances, it’s so hard to choose! You don’t just want to remove awkward smells, you want your clothes to smell fresh all day. And what better way than to use Comfort Rejuvenating that releases bursts of freshness whenever you move! Bring on girls night and, if you’ve got the moves like Jagger, feel confident all night long!

Say goodbye to stuffy smells, and hello to a confident you - as fresh as a daisy! If you’re not a fan of daisies, opt for lavender instead. Try our Comfort Lavender Bloom and enjoy all day freshness!